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Posted by on Sep 14, 2013 in Code Snippets | 0 comments

Recursive Directory Regex File Search

Recursive Directory Regex File Search


Sub FindPatternMatchedFiles()

    Dim objFSO As Object
    Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

    Dim objRegExp As Object
    Set objRegExp = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
    objRegExp.pattern = ".*xlsx"
    objRegExp.IgnoreCase = True

    Dim colFiles As Collection
    Set colFiles = New Collection

    RecursiveFileSearch "C:\Path\To\Your\Directory", objRegExp, colFiles, objFSO

    For Each f In colFiles
        Debug.Print (f)
        'Insert code here to do something with the matched files

    'Garbage Collection
    Set objFSO = Nothing
    Set objRegExp = Nothing

End Sub

Sub RecursiveFileSearch(ByVal targetFolder As String, ByRef objRegExp As Object, _
                    ByRef matchedFiles As Collection, ByRef objFSO As Object)

    Dim objFolder As Object
    Dim objFile As Object
    Dim objSubFolders As Object

    'Get the folder object associated with the target directory
    Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(targetFolder)

    'Loop through the files current folder
    For Each objFile In objFolder.files
        If objRegExp.test(objFile) Then
            matchedFiles.Add (objFile)
        End If

    'Loop through the each of the sub folders recursively
    Set objSubFolders = objFolder.Subfolders
    For Each objSubfolder In objSubFolders
        RecursiveFileSearch objSubfolder, objRegExp, matchedFiles, objFSO

    'Garbage Collection
    Set objFolder = Nothing
    Set objFile = Nothing
    Set objSubFolders = Nothing

End Sub



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